Women’s Retreat Testimonials

Testimonials for Women’s retreats:


Birds, bush, hills, quiet

A place to share food, stories

To listen, think, be.

Jennifer Binns


These wonderful women will create a safe, nurturing and fun space to think, play and reflect in a beautiful relaxing environment with wonderful food and company.

Tara Hoyne


Nicky, Anne and Kathryn provided the perfect space for us all to reflect on our everyday challenges and to find our own solutions to overcome these.  Most importantly, the retreat was a reminder that we all have the wisdom inside us to find the answers to our questions, but all too often the busyness of life and its demands blinds us to that basic truth.  The retreat provided the perfect combination of conversation and solitary time, with lots of laughter and gourmet food in between.  I left with a new perspective on life, realizing how much unimportant ‘chatter’ consumes my mind, and determined to apply the tools I now remember I have to improve both my work and personal lives.

Karin MacArthur


I arrived feeling frazzled, with a tired mind and tired body –
with heartfelt nurturing, my soul was honoured and my body rested;

all among like-minded womenfolk, nestled in peaceful surroundings.
I left reenergised, armed with sustainable tools.
Indulgence – Absolutely Not!!
Rejuvenated, Refreshed and Rebalanced- Absolutely YES!!
So when is the next retreat?
THANK YOU so much Anne, Nicky and Kathryn
Josique Lynch


I found the opportunity to have time away from home – my family and work environment was really useful in accessing my own inner wisdom. The sessions facilitated discussion among the women participants and provided tools to consider issues of concern. The retreat environment provided was respectful of a range of learning styles, experiences and backgrounds.

F. Britton