What Is Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client, in which the client is helped to achieve fulfilling results in their personal and/or professional lives.  Through the process of coaching, clients typically deepen their self-awareness and learning, achieve more effective results, enhance their quality of life and make a more significant contribution to the community. Coaching is a relationship between equals. The client is the expert of their own life and the coach’s role is to facilitate a learning process.

As a result of coaching you will:

–       improve your relationships at home or work;

–       build confidence and competence in your leadership role;

–       clarify your direction personally and professionally;

–       develop skills or behaviours that have been identified as needing attention at work;

–       become more organised and work towards your real priorities at home or work;

–       deal with change and transitions at home and work or lead these changes in the workplace with greater effectiveness and confidence;

–        get clear about your next steps in a new role or new venture;

–       manage stress and overwhelm at home or work in a more sustainable way;

–       explore new opportunities and create greater possibility for yourself.

I will encourage you to tap into all of your own resources in exploring this issue so that options and solutions are most relevant for you.  Apart from listening to you and asking questions to help you think through the issue I may also offer feedback, observations, challenges, another perspective, additional frameworks or information and my own experience.  It is up to mountainyou to take from this what feels useful for you.  You will generally be asked to make a commitment to some action that will progress your situation at each session.

As the client it is important that you are open to being a learner, seeing your issue with new eyes, prepared to experiment and try out new ways of doing things and are committed to taking actions that you decide will be useful for you.

My style of coaching involves both inner and outer work.  Inner work involves exploring how your thinking, emotions and physiology either supports or limits your resourcefulness in general or specifically in relation to the issue being explored.  I use ontological frameworks to assist in this process.  Outer work refers to actually designing strategies that will put this heightened awareness into a concrete and realistic plan of action and therefore get you the results you wish to obtain.