What Are Retreats?

A retreat is the process of withdrawing from everyday life and busy activity to a place of peace, quiet, and safety.  In this period of greater solitude and slowing down we can gain greater connection to ourselves and what is most important to us.  Instead of listening and responding to everyone and everything around us we give ourselves the space to listen to what we are saying to ourselves.   In this time out of ordinary life, we can find replenishment for body, mind and spirit and go home with greater focus and energy as a result.   Retreats are very useful for sustaining and nurturing ourselves in all of our life’s responsibilities at home and work.

There are many forms of retreats: religious, meditative, silent, health focused.  Our retreats are not based on any religious tradition and draw from a range of resources including ontology (the study of being), mindfulness and movement, poetry and a variety of wisdom traditions, intentional solitude (reflecting, exploring and just ‘being’ alone ) and community (sharing in a large circle, in small groups or in pairs as one feels comfortable).