Training Workshops

Learning through knowing

Learning new theories, frameworks and leadership practices can be useful in broadeningsteps perspectives about how organisations work, the role of the leader and specific positive leadership skills.  My focus in leadership development is around how leaders can effectively harness the passion and skills of their people, create an effective and enjoyable work culture while meeting the purpose and vision of their organisation.  Some of the topics I can offer organisations to increase their leadership capacity include:


Self-awareness and self-management:

–       Becoming a powerful observer of our ‘way of being’ and its impact on ourselves and others;

–       The essential way of being of a leader – to be a continual learner;

–       The power of language and deep listening;

–       Distinguishing between fact and opinion – getting clear about the power of our background stories to open up or close down possibility;

–       Making effective requests and offers of support;

–       Choosing resilient and resourceful moods and emotions as a leader;

–       Embodying our leadership – standing in our authority with authenticity, integrity and humility;

–       Having the courage to lead;

–       Dealing resourcefully with the challenges of leadership – holding tension in life-giving ways;

–       Sustaining out leadership.


Organisations as a network of relationships, conversations and commitments

–       Effectively making clear agreements and commitments in the workplace;

–       Managing our commitments – conversations for appreciation and accountability;

–       Conversations as a core business process – purpose, elements and types of workplace conversations;

–       Essential conversations of leadership – understanding the purpose and range of conversations available to us in the workplace;

–       Courageous conversations – dealing well with the challenging situations;

–       Facilitating coaching conversations in the workplace- exploring the role, way of being and skills of a coaching approach to developing others;

–       Productive workplace relationships – exploring the factors that contribute to high quality workplace relationships;

–       Trust – the glue that holds relationships together

–       Dealing with differences respectfully.


Leadership issues:

–       Working ‘in’ and ‘on’ the business – the challenge to be more strategic;

–       Leading and managing – distinct functions in one role;

–       Lenses of leadership – Understanding a range of ways of viewing and enacting leadership in the workplace;

–       The shadow side of leadership;

–       Encouraging Spirit – exploring the key functions of a leader in nurturing spirit in their organisations;

–       Organisations as living systems: harnessing the energy, passion and commitment of your people.