The child as teacher

supermegeYesterday as I walked my dog Willow around the local park in the late afternoon I came across a lovely sight.  On two benches were sat about eight Aboriginal people with another two fellows standing up in front of the benches.  A little way away was a mother and her son who I think was about seven years old.  The little boy had a soccer ball that he was kicking to the Aboriginal fellows and they were having a great time kicking it back to him.  The little fellow was unstoppable and kept kicking the ball and the Aboriginal fellows kept kicking it back with the little boy running all around the park to get the ball and then kicking it back.  The people on the benches were laughing and cheering.  It was such a simple joy and everyone enjoyed the fun of it.  Quite often the park users don’t mix and there can be a tension and distance between different groups – an us and them. It was so nice just to witness this simple sight where it was just about a ball and human connection – without all the baggage.  Reconciliation lead through the innocence of a child.  It made me smile!