Coaching Testimonials


“Having coaching sessions with Anne is probably one of the best things I have done in my work career.  The sessions are like debriefing, mentoring, tackling the issues affecting me and working with me on the solutions.  As a CEO, sometimes you need someone neutral to talk to outside of the organisation who is highly confidential and non-judgemental.  Also, a person who has an understanding of Aboriginal ways-of-working, values and culture. Anne has all of those qualities and more. 


Anne hones in on my issues and then we work through them at my pace.  I cannot speak highly enough of Anne’s skills and her compassionate manner.  Since, I have been seeing Anne, I believe that I have changed for the better in my approach to work.  I am looking after myself more, but at the same time managing my workload more effectively.”

CEO Aboriginal NGO


Coaching was recommended to me by another work colleague who was also having coaching sessions. I was unsure what to expect. I have been attending coaching now for approximately 10 months and these sessions have helped me immensely. The project I work in is a statewide project and some of the difficulties of that is communication and uptake.

Positives of coaching: working through grievances of work situations; made me a stronger person to deal with difficult situations; working through grievances of personal situations; looking at other ways of dealing with situations.  Up to recently our office did not have a manager to de-brief about issues. I have built a great relationship with my coach.

I highly recommend coaching.

Manager, NGO

I have received approximately 12 coaching sessions from Anne over the last 2 years on a regular basis. As a direct result, I believe that I have gained a valuable extra support for my work. I have had the opportunity to regularly review my work practice and learn more effective ways of working and planning. I have gained a clearer idea of my role and I have been able to communicate that to others. I have also been able to understand how my approach could be sometimes beneficial but also have limitations and sometimes negative consequences for my workplace. I have learned how to deal with a sometimes emotionally exhausting and even traumatic work context. I have also learned how to work more sustainably. I have learned ways to better deal with my tendency to burn-out.

I now encourage other staff and management to consider the benefits of coaching. I am happy to continue to tell my story to others who are interested.”

Doctor, NGO

Thank you most sincerely for your presence, gentle direction and warm wisdom.”

“Anne was always very affirming and celebrated even the tiniest of movement”

“It has been a rewarding experience.  The relationship was based on trust, understanding and honesty.  I felt listened to and understood.  It felt like a working relationship; two people interested and engaged in making achievable goals“My coaching experience has been just so helpful. I found the process hands on, direct, encouraging, forward thinking, positive and inspiring…It was also damn good fun, with useful exercises, good coffee, relaxing surroundings and lots of laughs which is what I need to work effectively.”