My Partners

sharoncookeSharon Cooke (Associate for Courage and Renewal retreats)

Sharon Cooke works as a coach, consultant and facilitator of adult learning. As a fierce advocate for the developing child, she has spent 20 years investing in family and community health.

More recently Sharon established FamilyWorks, which focuses on the early years of parenting, in particular raising wholehearted children with social-emotional capacity.

Championing family in community led to her election in local government, where she put voice to community concerns and progressed initiatives that invited inclusion and life in the suburbs. Sharon’s journey has informed her coaching practice and has extended her work into sustaining others who are in public, political and community leadership.   


kathrynchoulesKathryn Choules (Associate for Women’s retreats and one day workshops “From Reacting to Responding”)

Starting life as a lawyer means Kathryn is no stranger to the stresses of performing at the “top end of town.” She has worked in a variety of cross-cultural contexts both as a consultant and as a volunteer with Australian Volunteers International. Adding up work in Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji and Guatemala, Kathryn has worked overseas for more than 5 years. Completing a PhD in transformative education in 2006 led to a number of years working in academia at Deakin University, Curtin University and Murdoch University in areas of education, human rights and development. Kathryn is currently employed as a Post-Doctoral Fellow (on a part-time basis) in the School of Education, Murdoch University.

Kathryn’s commitment to Mindfulness comes from experiencing the benefits first-hand. Seeing the difference in her own life grounds her work helping people respond to the inevitable stresses of the modern world and to live more satisfying and fulfilling lives. The ethical basis of Mindfulness – compassion, kindness, non-harm, interconnection and humility – is a great support for social justice, human rights and the environment. It is a lifetime’s work to embrace and embody these ways of being more fully. Kathryn has had a daily meditation practice for about 10 years and is also a regular yoga practitioner. Her exploration of meditation has taken her through a wide variety of traditions including secular meditation, Theravadan, Chinese Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism as well as secular forms of meditation. Most recently Kathryn has studied at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachussetts.

tonyclitheroeTony Clitheroe (Associate for leadership and organisational development programs and ontological coach training programs)

Tony brings over twenty seven years’ experience as a manager, consultant and coach. He has experience of working in the areas of coach training, leadership, management, training and development, human resources development and international development and works with a wide range of organisations large and small in the non-government, public and private sectors within Australia and internationally.

He has substantial experience in strategic and business planning, conducting organisation program evaluations, leadership development and action learning based development programs.  He established his own coaching and consultancy business in 2003. He has been coaching professionally since 2003, including senior executives, managers and groups from a wide range of professional backgrounds. His experience as a coach, leader, manager, facilitator and consultant to complex organisations enables him to bring a pragmatic and personal understanding of the issues and challenges faced by managers and leaders working in complex organisations.

He has been a key member of Coach School WA where he was a facilitator, mentor/coach and examiner for the Certificate and Diploma of Professional Coaching (an International Coaching Federation Accredited Coach Training Program, ACTP) programs.  He now facilitates ontological coach training through Newfield Institute

Tony has a passion for facilitating and supporting people and organisations undertaking transformation, learning and development that is self-generating and supports living sustainably.  He works in ways that brings clarity and focus and supports individuals to build on their own resourcefulness in making transitions, undertaking deep learning and committed practical action.  Core principles that underpin his coaching are treating others with deep respect, dignity and compassion, supporting people to express their true creative selves in achieving extraordinary results and undertaking transformative learning.


nickyhoweNicky Howe (Associate for leadership and organisational development programs and Women’s retreats)

Nicky is a CEO, leadership and management coach and ontological practitioner, with over 25 years senior management experience working in government and not-for-profit sectors in the areas of employment, education, welfare, health, aged care and community services.

She is passionate about building productive working relationships and uses a consulting, coaching approach to help individuals and organisations to increase their effectiveness. Her particular focus is on the development of people and building the capacity within organisations so they can successfully achieve their objectives.

She is the author of “Building Better Relationships with those Your Lead”, and a thesis titled “Coaching – a vehicle for Managers’ learning and transfer of learning to the work environment”. She has presented at conferences in the areas of management, leadership, coaching, cultural change and innovation.

She holds the university qualifications of Doctor of Business Administration, Post Graduate in Public Sector Management and BA in Public Administration. She holds a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Ontological Coaching, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Diploma and is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business at The University of Notre Dame.


michaelprinceMichael Prince (Associate for Courage and Renewal retreats)

Michael Prince has worked for over 30 years with leaders in Australia, Asia and the Pacific as a manager, consultant, learning facilitator and coach. In recent years, he has been exploring ways of nurturing new leadership in the political domain in Australia.


He is a founder of The Winding Staircase offering professional coaching, coach training and action learning leadership development. TWS’s purpose is to “enable leadership for sustainability: sustainable relationships with self, others and the earth.


Michael is a Courage and Renewal Facilitator prepared by the Center for Courage and Renewal.


ALAN SIELER (Associate for Ontological Coach Trainalansielering programs)


Alan is the founder and Director of Newfield Institute. As a world leader in ontological coaching he has written extensively on the relevance of Ontology to living, working, learning and coaching. Alan focuses on the communication processes that build a collaborative and high performance organisational culture. His work as a consultant, workshop leader and executive coach is solidly grounded and highly engaging.


Newfield Institute is an international educational, coaching and consulting company specialising in the development of coaches, leaders and managers. As one of the most highly regarded coach training schools in the Asia-Pacific region, Newfield Institute specialises in a powerful and highly effective methodology called Ontological Coaching.


Whilst there is a substantial intellectual foundation to Ontological Coaching, Newfield

Institute’s coach training programs are highly practical, experiential and ‘hands on’. Since

1996, the Institute has trained over 3,000 professionals through their public programs.


Watch Alan Sieler explain the ontological coaching approach:


malcolmdixMALCOLM DIX (Associate for Team Building work)

Malcolm Dix is a ‘recovering’ Social Worker and Stand Up Comedian with 20 years’ experience in presenting to diverse, wonderful and challenging audiences. For much of his life Malcolm worked with homeless people in Australia and London and during this time he also commenced a career in stand up comedy, partly in an attempt to stay sane and healthy amidst the frequent chaos and challenging nature of his daily work.

His natural high energy, insight, empathy and humour give Malcolm the flexibility to present as either a Speaker, Corporate Comic and/or Master of Ceremonies, and he is often engaged to perform all three roles at the one event.

Today Malcolm is a father of four and as well as his roles as MC, Speaker and Corporate Comedian, he also runs Parenting workshops and writes for ‘Parenting Ideas’ magazine and has published two books encouraging parents to use humour in order to stay healthy (and sane!).

Over the years Malcolm has worked with almost every sector imaginable – Health, Education, Mining and Gas, Tourism, Banking and Finance, Science and Technology, Housing and Construction and Manufacturing to name but a few.

Phone: 0402 787 505