Ontological Coaching


Ontological coaching is a particular kind of coaching that I have been trained in which is underpinned by an extensive theoretical framework that the coach listens through and offers to the client to support them to better understand themselves, their relationships and how organisations work.  An ontological coach supports their clients to become more powerful observers of their ‘way of being’ and how their language (speaking, listening and thinking), emotions and moods and physiology are either serving or limiting them in life and work.  By making our background stories, the emotional spaces we inhabit and our embodiment of these more visible we have much greater choice in how we respond to the challenges of life.  This approach offers some useful distinctions relevant for creating healthier, rich and fulfilling relationships and for understanding the crucial role of conversations, making and managing effective commitments and positive workplace relationships as the foundation for getting work done in organisations.  The coach may offer these concepts and distinctions to clients when they are relevant while continuing to draw upon the wisdom and resourcefulness of the client in responding to their own concerns.

Watch Alan Sieler from Newfield Institute www.newfieldinstitute.com.au  explain the ontological coaching approach:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLF8Vgapv30