Leadership Coaching

Learning through self-reflection

waterIndividual coaching is very effective in creating a safe and confidential space to support a leader to focus on their particular learning and development issues as they show up in real examples in the workplace.  With a combination of coaching, committing to implementing and experimenting with new ways of seeing and doing things in their role, and then reflecting on this experience in subsequent coaching sessions very real progress can be achieved.  Research has shown that 4 – 6 coaching sessions are the minimum required to make significant change and progress.  Some leaders use the coaching process as an ongoing, usually monthly, form of support, learning and ‘supervision’ for their practice as a manager.  Leadership coaching can be one element of a leadership development program, for example a workshop series including three coaching sessions or it can be offered to individuals in organisations.  This can be supplemented with the addition of profiling instruments such as Print ® (understanding motivation) and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (understanding your preferences around taking in information and making decisions) to further increase self-awareness.