Leadership Retreats

Learning through intentional time away from work

For individuals: A retreat is the process of withdrawing from everyday life and busy activityocean to a place of peace, quiet, and safety. In this period of greater solitude and slowing down we can gain greater connection to ourselves and what is most important to us. Instead of listening and responding to everyone and everything around us we give ourselves the space to listen to what we are saying to ourselves.   In this time out of ordinary life, we can find replenishment for body, mind and spirit and go home with greater focus and energy as a result.   Retreats are very useful for sustaining and nurturing ourselves in all of our life’s responsibilities at home and work. Individual leaders can attend public retreats such as the Courage to Lead retreats or Women’s Reconnect retreats (see pages on Retreats) which are run two or three times a year.

sunsetFor teams: A retreat also offers a different experience of being together for teams who usually work together. Getting out of the normal environment, with its constant stimulation, busyness and interruptions can be very useful for teams. In spending time together in a different way, in a new place, with a slower energy, people can slow down and reconnect with themselves, connect with each other in more meaningful ways and as a team reconnect to their purpose, values and possibilities open to them. Being away together can open up the opportunity to think differently, see differently, vision differently – leading to more innovative and focused exploration and decisions about important issues. Retreats can be customized for particular organisation’s leadership teams and requirements.