Leadership Coaching


My view on leadership is that most of us have some leadership role either as a parent, in our work roles, in our communities or in a voluntary capacity. As we have influence over others in these roles it is essential that we act with awareness and effectiveness so that our impact on others brings positive results rather than harm.  In these roles we often find that the responsibilities can be heavy at times for us and cause us stress and overwhelm.  Coaching can be used to support you to act from your best self in these roles, with skills in working effectively, managing challenging relationships well and getting the best possible outcomes.

I often coach managers at different levels in organisations, from emerging leaders to CEOs, to support them to be their best in these leadership roles, to take care of themselves in the process and to get the best outcomes for their organisations.  In these often busy roles it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to stop and reflect on what is happening for you, what challenges you are facing and to work out how you can best respond for the benefit of all.  Leadership requires exceptional communication and strategic skills and making time for reflection, learning and committing to effective action can make your life as a leader much more fulfilling and enjoyable.  Some organisations use me for ‘supervision’ of their staff which is a structured, usually monthly coaching session focused on individualised learning to make progress towards their development goals as a leader.